It's not just us, it's you n' is a small list of things we are looking for:

We need shiftworkers:
Come and talk to us, if you can spare minimum 2 hours a week...

Situationist Archive
We are looking to acquire donations of Situationist books / pamphlets. We can arrange photocopying for rarer items...come on down or e/mail us..

56a Archive
We need files nerds and archive heads to form an Archive Group here. See the Archive page in our list of collectives...

Empties List
We have a list of empty buildings in London that we reckon should be recycled by people needing housing or space to be social in. We need you to help us keep it up to date. Send us your empty addresses - buildings which could be used! Tell us important info long empty, state of building, security measures, size, state of, local knowledge etc. Ta!

We need money. Sorry to bring it up! If you can put on a benefit or become a 56a direct debit sustainer, please get in touch. Everything helps!!